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InterMizzi can apply specific disciplines to the recruiting of sales:

Many sales teams have just happened. Very few sales people chose sales as a career. Often it is seen as a last resort. So it’s not surprising that given this somewhat random approach, sales managers are resigned to the fact that 20% of their sales force is going to produce 80% of the results. Corporate sales is not just about finding someone with industry knowledge or a wide comfort zone.

Each candidate can be given a Personal Sales Evaluation to show their individual sales strengths and development areas. The Sales Evaluation is based on 20 years of research and application. This is not a generic sales personality test! It is a comprehensive assessment of the critical talents required to be effective as a sales professional.


Sales Training

Sales Leadership: for your team and Thought Leadership for clients
The position of Sales Manager is often conferred upon the best producing sales people. Too often this is a mistake from which neither the sales person nor the company can recover. But leadership is not just about your sales team. Professional Sales people can provide thought leadership for clients through consultative selling and strategic account management.

Intermizzi is able to provide the eMotiv Selling(TM) Program from Neural Networks.

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